When you have a position that needs to be filled at your dental office, you need to find the most qualified person possible. In your quest to find the right person, be sure that you are advertising the right qualifications that are needed for the particular job. You want to find someone with the right skill set because, while you can have all of tools you need to succeed, it's really the people in your office that make you the most successful.

Communication skills

When you hire someone new for your team, you want them to have exceptional communication skills with both staff and customers. It's important that they bring a positive energy to the workplace, and that they are able to correspond with customers appropriately and make their experience a good one.

The ability to listen and learn

Even if someone is experienced in the dentistry position you are hiring for, that doesn't mean that they are familiar with the policies and procedures that your office has implemented and the culture you've worked to create. You want to be sure your new hire strives to learn new tasks, as well as listens to the complete instructions before taking action. They should also not be afraid to ask questions about things they don't understand.

Understanding of money

You want the people that you work with to understand the value of money. Being mindful of company spending and knowing the importance of making a profit is a characteristic that you want your new hire to have. An employee with a good understanding of these things can make decisions that help keep the financial standards of your practice on the incline.

Confidence and determination

These traits often correlate with one another. People who have self-confidence in their abilities often get that from their strong determination. Getting through difficult tasks and not giving up easily are skills not everybody has and they can be infectious, giving a big confidence boost to the team. Employees who have these skills will make your workday less stressful.


There are some skills that can be taught on the job, and there are some that are not essential. Being reliable is a must. A single person not showing up to work on time can disrupt the schedule and cause poor customer service. Being shorthanded with no warning is not something that should happen often. When you are looking to hire a new person, make sure they are punctual, understand the importance of giving proper notice for vacations, and understand sick day policies and follow them accordingly.

Goal Oriented

It's funny how some people can work at nothing all day. In your practice, you want someone who doesn't just look busy, but is actually getting stuff done. People who have set daily goals, and break those goals into manageable pieces, are going to help your dentistry office be more efficient. A team of goal orientated people will have both you and your customers smiling brighter than ever.