What’s the impact your role is having on your dental practice?  How does what you do impact another area of the dental practice, another team member, or even your own life?

You never know what impact something is going to have, how far or how deep it can go and how much it could change somebody’s life. 

What could happen if you put effort into making yourself a better, healthier person?  If you put in the effort to improve the quality of your life that will then improve the quality of your relationships at home which will have you feeling a lot less stressed and as a result of less stress you can go into the office and lead your team more effectively and that allows you to grow your practice and again have a completely different impact on lots of patients and even your staff members.  You never know what kind of an impact you can have on other people especially when you’re performing at your peak level.  Have you asked yourself if you’re performing on your peak level lately?  Or are you running on a B or a C level because you are too busy taking care of everyone else?  

Be a self-advocate!  

You have to take good care of yourself or you won’t be able to take proper care of anyone else.  It’s not about being selfish it’s like the Aesop fable The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, if you don’t take care of the goose, there won’t be any golden eggs!  You want to be able to bring that extra energy and passion every day and be your best possible you! 

The big picture message this week is what can you do to take better care of yourself so that you can perform at a much higher level and have a bigger impact on the people around you? 

So often we get caught up in this microcosm and we miss a lot of what’s going on around us. Step back periodically and really see the big picture of what we have going on around us so we can give and contribute more and therefore receive much more.