"If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you!" There's a lot to be said about those that perform consistantly, day in and day out. There's a captivating element and passion to what those people do to stay consistant. When you sit back and look at your dental team and your dental practice, like really look at it. Are you providing your team with passion? Are you serving your dental patients and dental team to your highest potential?



What happens when you have a false start? What is your mindset at the time? If you were an Olympian, what would you do? We have all seen the marvels of Michael Phelps at the August 2016 Olympics in Rio. What do you imagine was his mindset when he experienced a "false start?" The most important concept we can all "take away" is how do we recover and go strongly forward for the Gold Medal in the face of adversity? This is possibly the greatest gifts we could give ourselves.

Consider the following:


Think about it, what is it that you do in the dark that allows you to shine in the light? Are you constantly fueling your brain with knowledge that allows you to get into the dental office the next day and pass that knowledge onto your team? If you're sitting on the fence, today's the day to get off! Start taking action, help whomever it is. Align yourself, get in touch with what it is you're truly passionate about and share that with people, to help them get to where they want to be!


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