Where do I start when growing my dental practice?

So you just attended our kickoff event course or are looking at what you can do to accomplish your practice goals and wondering where to start.  Here is how we do it.  We start by analyzing your practice to look for the best opportunities to have significant impact and quickly.  Generally speaking, the challenges in practices fall into one of the following categories:  cash flow, new patient flow, hygiene schedule or case acceptance or of course a combination of them. When looking at the gap(s) in these areas of a practice we look for the biggest and quickest areas growth in each category for that practice.  It of course varies widely for every practice.  Once we have established the potential return in all of those areas, it becomes simple to decide where to start.  The next question is, what to do about the challenge in that area of the practice?

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, a practice needs help in keeping the hygiene schedule full.  The next step is to examine how we discuss the value of the hygiene appointment.  Often we see offices terming it as a "cleaning" with patients or another term that contains little value to a patient.  Upon further understanding of what is currently being said to the patient we can then make recommendations that will fit into the values of the practice and improve how we communicate this with patients.  It is amazing how just a few words make all the difference in the world.  I know some reading this right now are thinking, "yeah right."  Others that have tried it and experienced the difference are thinking, "absolutely!!" It is the little things you do, and do effectively, in life that make all the difference in both your personal life, as well as your professional life. You don't lose 50 lbs all at once, you lose a half pound a day to see long-term results.  As much as we would like to wave the magic wand over a practice, it isn't realistic for the long-term.  So we teach the little things, that if you do repeatably, will generate great long-term growth.  We do the same thing in all areas of the practice.

If a patient walked into your practice today and asked you to give them $100K would you do it?  Of course not!  It is amazing how many doctors give away $40 to 2500 patients every year.  It is still the same $100K in total at the end of the year, we just don't tend to pay attention to it in $40 increments.

Start doing the little things again and again that will add up to the $100K in growth.  You will be amazed at how quickly it adds up. Einstein once said, "The 8th Wonder of the World was the concept of compounding interest."  Do these little things again and again and it will soon start looking like compounding interest within your business.

Darren Kaberna 

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