Anyone who has followed me for a while understands that I believe WOMEN make the majority of decisions as it relates to dentistry.  This article certainly supports it.  This is a great read if you are interested in connecting to women more within your dental practice.  

For anyone wondering, I do not claim to fully understand women:)  I only claim to try to and appreciate them.

Darren Kaberna 

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FEBRUARY 16, 2013

Why women break up with brands

Perhaps the biggest misconception about social media marketing is the assumption that women want to have relationships with most brands.  We are finally learning that women don’t want “to have a relationship” with most brands and if you have to ask why than you need to go back and read some of my earlier posts.  Women, who control 85% of all brand purchases, expect a lot of brands and marketers would be better branding people to concentrate their efforts on where it will do the most good for their bottom line: the brand promise.

According to the She Economy;

The female consumer is breaking up with brands, and she is trying to tell advertisers why. Listen to her.

Women account for 85% of all purchases and a lot of women have a problem emotionally connecting to brands because men don’t know how to think like women, their primary target audience. Women do not respond to messages because they are people and people don’t like to be segmented and bombarded with messages.

12 Mistakes Male Marketers Continue to Make When Marketing to Women With Social Media

It’s not like any of this information should be a surprise to anyone in marketing (if it is you’re in need of a new career). Women have always been street smart savvy shoppers but now with the distrust of big business and government women are taking control of what they buy and more importantly who they buy from.

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