What can we do as leaders in our dental practice to manage the common problem of our best employees quitting?? The key is not waiting around for the problem to solve itself but to be proactive in creating a solution!

In many cases, useful time is spent on non-useful activities like complaining about co-workers, negative situations and (surprisingly) not having enough time...interesting, right?

Creating a plan that is well thought out and explained in detail to the team will create a path that will minimize the constant "fire drill" that eats up productivity. It's difficult at first to make the time for changes, but as the changes start to create time allowance, we get the desired effect.

First, we need to understand the "why" from both the team and the leadership perspective for change to be effective. If neither side is asking this question or answering this question, communication breaks down and we're back to the same circumstance.

Next, explain the expectations in detail, make sure the team is clear on the plan and create an honest pathway of communication that encourages questions and the ability to "check-in".

Increasing communication between employees and leadership is the best way to proactively address team issues.

Start with asking questions to the right person to help you solve your problem, not co-workers. Then ask, what can you do to be a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem. You'll notice a change in your practice and believe me, so will your patients!