Do you ever wonder what dental patients are thinking the moment they walk through the front doors of your dental office?  Do your patients experience the typical aroma of a dental office or have you and your dental team taken care of that with pleasant smelling candles or room fresheners?  The dental tour can be thought of as important as how guests are made to feel the first time they visit your home.  Are you making your dental office warm and inviting, as opposed to boring and routine?

First impressions carry a profound message to patients about who you are and what you stand for.  Last week we spoke of the values proposition.  So just what is your “story?”  The office tour is a moment for you to shine and show how you are unique, special and different.  Its purpose is to not only cause patients to feel relaxed and right at home, but to also display what it is we do in a subtle and classy manner.

Do you offer cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and Botox for example? Never assume that people know what you offer, what you do, or have done, by reading the various postings of signs or placards.  It is important that the Dentist shows his/her patients that which is new in the profession.  Did you just get an electric hand piece, and if so, what or how does that make the delivery of dentistry easier or more precise for you and therefore how does the patient win.

 “Do the ordinary thing in an extraordinary way!”

Let’s learn from other professions for a moment.  When someone purchases a new home, customers get a briefing or orientation of sorts.  People will feel forever good about the choices they have made if the orientation is interesting, focuses on the key points of the builder warrantees and displays the long standing success history of the company.  Let’s borrow from this scenario. 

What do you do “the best?” Focus on this during the tour as you do the promenade with patients from the reception area to the treatment area or consultation room.  A few tastefully done facial portraits of your “before and afters” of beautiful cosmetic cases is always a winner.  Display your advanced technology and explain briefly what it allows you to do and how that benefits the patient.

If you are remodeling, have an easel in the reception area showing the progress and renderings of the completed project.  How about the famous “Good Bye Mirror?”  Have the patient cast a big smile and ask them how they would rate their smile on a scale of 1-10.  This is great conversation to follow up on once the New Patient Exam interview begins.  Display your thank you cards and letters and perhaps have a scribble board for patients to add their thoughts to at any time.  As an office, you may be or have participated in a “fun run.”  This is a great event to highlight! Did you bring back a medal from that event, show it off!  No matter what you do, make it “FUN FUN FUN” and most memorable in the mind of the patient.  Let’s capture this patient for life!!

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