Results being sent to us, 1 office grew their hourly production $955 last month.  Are you getting your growth?  If not, why?


Team work within a dental office or any business for that matter can get complicated regarding how people work together.  Many people in this world allow their problems to define them, their circumstances and their outcomes in life.  We believe this is fundamentally backwards and has to make people feel helpless in their lives.  We on the other hand believe that YOUR decisions about your problems define you.  Do you make good decisions or poor ones?  The quality of these decisions will dictate your success in life.  This applies to everyone within the dental office, not just the doctor.  How well you work together with your fellow teammates in the office will dictate your enjoyment of your job as well as the success of the practice.  If the practice succeeds, guess what will happen to your personal income if you are an assistant, hygienist or receptionist within that office?


If you are sitting in your office right now frustrated about something going on, my question to you is, what could you do to improve it?  Can you own a solution to the problem?  Too many wait for someone else to either solve it or propose a solution.  Someone has to go first.  I think back to earlier in my marriage when we were struggling and we both continually waited for the other to solve our problems.  This went on for years, I am sad to admit and as a result almost ended our marriage.  Finally, we both accepted responsibility for our problems, both proposed solutions, both owned the outcome as we worked toward something that worked for us both.  Why can’t this same model work in an office between 2 employees?  It can and if you do, all will enjoy work a lot more!


Sometimes we get worried we won’t get recognized for our efforts and someone else will get the credit.  I see this as a perfectly normal response in life. "ime will promote or expose us all”.  If we believe this, we don’t need to worry about getting credit.  It will happen.  


Next week we will get back into the consumer decision making stuff as we continue to get questions about how to implement this concept. 


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